Riches,  I hold in light esteem.  And love,  I laugh to scorn.  And lust of fame was but a dream.

That vanished with the morn.   And if I pray, the only prayer.  That moves my lips for me,

Is “Leave the heart that now I bear, and give me liverty.”

Yes, as my swift days near  their goal,  “Tis all that I implore – Through life and death,

a chainless soul.  With courage to endure! ”       Emily is still here in Haworth,  the north country

of England.  Just 4 hours from London.  Hoping to spend the day at there , taking Bronte seat,

Bronte Pasonage Museum.  Top Withens,   and Haworth Parish Church,  and after that

It’s better to visit Southwest of  England,  They say  “Land’s End”.  I f you have a chance to get there,

The most famous open-air theatre, You should visit.  That’s The Minack Theatre is, in Penzance.

In fact, it was just under eighty years ago that there was nothing there except a sloping gully of gorse

and heather and below that, the sea of the Atlantic Ocean. Miss Cade was the senior trustee.

Much of her life’s work had been dedicated to creating, building, carving and caring for “My beloved theatre”.

Ilfracombe is located at northeast side  of Penzance , around 100miles away,  We might meet with Mr.James Allen

at there , if you could get a time travel ticket  to the year of 1900.  You’re really lucky to have  the  round ticket 


between the year of 1818  and  1912,  You might have a chance to meet with Heathcliff and Catherine also.


They haven’t aged  a bit,  I presume.    But they have  become more forgetful because of their ages.  

In any case, I don’t know about ancient times,  but no one will believe such a superstition today.


Simply because, we rarely come across such a case. That was why I did not want to tell.  So what? 


I could swear,  I have met them somewhere before.  It’s real, not imaginary.